Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer Review

Keeping your beard and hair in line is not all that easy in some cases, and when you want the highest level of accuracy that a trimmer can offer, you need a quality device like the Braun Cruzer 6 that will help you get the best results with the highest level of ease and convenience.

The Braun 6 is among the few trimmers that focus specifically on delivering accurate contours and ensuring that you can get a designer stubble and trim your beard with ease at a short notice, no matter what the circumstances.

Introducing the Braun Cruzer 6

The Cruzer 6 uses durable, sharp blades and a design based on two integrated trimmers for increased versatility. It can help you get a stylish look and handle trimming tasks with ease and relative speed, even while tackling areas that are more difficult to reach – such as under your chin or beneath your ears.

Fully washable, easy to maneuver and featuring a high end battery that can be fully charged in just an hour and 40 minutes, the Cruzer 6 is definitely one of the best trimmers you will find on the market today, even while comparing it with quality items like Phillips trimmers or Braun's own Cruzer 5 – another state-of-the-art trimming device from the same manufacturer.

What Do You Get in the Box?

The Braun Cruzer 6 is supplied at an affordable cost overall, and comes with an array of attachments, features and accessories that make it a versatile and practical choice for beard and head trimming. Here are the most important additions you can expect to find in the box, as soon as you place your first order for a Braun Cruzer 6 trimmer:

  • First of all, you get the 3-in-1 trimmer and clipper from Braun featuring precise trimming capabilities and durable components.
  • The trimmer features some of the sharpest blades you will find. They offer a strong grip which allows you to handle the trimmer with ease and high precision.
  • You also get two click and lock combs that provide 6 length settings each. The settings range between 1-11 mm and 10-20 mm, and the combs are designed to be easy to use and to offer excellent results with each trim.
  • A carrying case is provided, so you can easily take the trimmer with you, whether you're traveling for work or going on vacation.
  • A high end rechargeable battery is included which will provide you with 40 minutes of high performance trimming per full charge.
  • You'll also find an adaptor for the battery included in the package.

The Braun Cruzer is a practical hair trimming device that is fully washable, and comes with a rubber grip that allows you to hold it stable while using it. It's also quite powerful and very easy to use, due to the quality craftsmanship which makes tasks such as replacing heads or changing brushes considerably straightforward.

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Braun Cruzer 6 vs. 5

Bruan Cruzer 6

  • Cuts Beard and Head
  • 40 Minutes Usage
  • Fully Washable
  • Six Length settings

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Bruan Cruzer 5

Comparing the cruzer 5 to 6
  • Beard Only
  • 40 Minutes Usage
  • Fully Washable
  • Six Length settings

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There are very few differences between the Cruzer 5 and 6, but those who have tried out both trimmers can tell you a lot about them. The differences can carry a lot of weight overall, especially since they have to do with the devices' energy efficiency and charging speed, as well as their performance and overall convenience.

The most significant difference is that, while the previous version of the Braun Cruzer charges only in about 2 hours – so you definitely have a lot to wait a little longer until fully charged – the Cruzer 6 only requires a single hour for the task, making it a lot more practical. Also, the Cruzer 6 has a convenient indicator that will show you exactly when the charging process is complete.

Another, less significant difference, has to do with the carrying case that the Cruzer 6 is provided with right out of the box. You won't get the same high quality case provided with the Cruzer 5.

Aside from these discrepancies and the price – which is slightly higher for the Cruzer 6 – the two trimmers are fairly similar, with a few minor additional adjustments made to the design of the Braun Cruzer 6 that make it more durable and practical overall.

Bottom Line

You'll find the Braun 6 is definitely one of the most practical and reliable hair trimmers available on the market. Affordable, durable and offering the best level of performance that Braun has to offer, the device will help you keep your stubble and hair in check and allow for exceptional precision and ease, when it comes to handling even the most unruly hair.