How to Trim a Beard with a Beard Trimmer

Trimming your beard can be a very satisfying thing to do, especially if you're used to looking tidy and staying a gentleman while trying to grow a beard the right way.

Learning how to use a beard trimmer properly, however, is not an easy task, and you have to make sure to choose the right trimmer, prepare for the process and learn how to actually do it properly, without running into problems such as unwanted delays, irritation or uneven trimming.

Choose Your Beard Trimmer

A beard trimmer is a small electric device, similar to a shaver, that will help trim your facial hair more easily and ensure that your beard and stubble stay tidy. The first step before learning to use a beard trimmer is choosing the right one.

You have a lot of great options here, products ranging from quality, long lasting, portable trimmers you can rely on even in the long run, to cheaper devices that you might just want to use for a quick trim.

To choose the most suitable beard trimmer, you have to know exactly what you want to use it for. How often do you want to trim your beard? Do you need a portable trimmer to take with you on business trips or vacations? How finely trimmed do you want your hair to be?

Based on the answers you give to these questions, you can evaluate the pros and cons of a number of quality trimmers, look through their technical specs, and finally, choose the one that's most suited to your specific needs.

The Preparation Process

So you have your trimmer, and you're getting ready to trim your beard. The first thing to do is wash your facial hair, dry it off properly, and comb it carefully to make sure that all the hairs are flat and ready to be tackled by the trimmer's blades.

Next, you need to prepare your trimming tools. Aside from your trimmer, you'll also need a good pair of scissors, a comb and a large mirror.

Make sure you can get close enough to the mirror to see what you're doing. Also, try to pick a location that can easily be cleaned and tidied up afterwards – an especially important tip if you're using the trimmer in a hotel room or at someone else's house.

Trimming Your Beard

Depending on the size of your beard, you might need a lengthy, or a smaller guard as you start out. For a closer trim, you can consider starting out with the highest guard, then moving your way down to a smaller one.

Always remember to keep your movements calm, slow and careful to ensure that you don't make any mistakes. Also, it's good practice to comb the bottom of your beard as you go on, methodically tackling small clumps of hair, comparing the right and left sides to make sure they are evenly proportioned, and slowly sculpting your beard to your preferred shape and size.