Remington EP7020 Four in One Epilator Review

A review of the Remmington 7020

Although Remington is a well-respected hair care brand, it also provides some excellent products designed for efficient hair removal. The Remington EP7020 epilator is the perfect example for this, featuring 4-in-1 functionality to help you handle any skin area you want with ease and elegance.

Featuring an ergonomic design and built on Remington’s highly efficient and durable technology, the device practically glides over your skin, leaving it smooth and silky for a long time to come, whether you use it on sensitive or regular skin regions.

What Do You Get in the Box?

Equipped with a technology that allows you to grab even the smallest hairs gently and without unwanted skin irritation or any other negative effect, the Remington epilator makes use of an exceptional combination of features put together to help you achieve best results quite effortlessly:

  • The epilator has two speed options you can use depending on whether you want to tackle larger or smaller areas. The faster speed is for legs, arms and other areas you can handle with ease, while the slower one was meant for skin region that require a more delicate touch.
  • The epilator itself is small, built to last and manageable, featuring Remington’s non-slip tweezer technology with 40 tweezers included.
  • Another feature worth mentioning is the precision light which was designed to highlight the areas you’d like to use the epilator on, exposing even the tiniest hairs for easy removal.
  • The EP7020 includes a foil shaver head that allows you to use the epilator as an electric razor when you prefer shaving over epilating.
  • The detail trimmer makes it possible to take care of smaller areas, such as bikini lines, with a much more accurate and delicate approach.
  • While epilating, you can also use the included massage cap. This cap will provide you with a far more relaxing and sensual epilating experience, along with the added soothing and health benefits that Aloe Vera has to offer.
  • The box also contains a cleaning brush that allows you to clean the gadget thoroughly upon the completion of the hair removal process, as well as a beauty bag that you can use for housing the epilator during your travels.

It’s easy to see how all these advantages can work in favor of providing you with clean, comfortable and overall convenient hair removal. For the low price you actually get a lot of epilator for the money, provided you don't mind going for a corded epilator.

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Using the Epilator Overseas

As in the case of most of the epilators provided by the well-known manufacturer, using the Remington EP7020 abroad can be quite easy. The epilator can be adapted to work in any country where you have access to standard 120 or 240-volt wall sockets.

When traveling overseas, it’s important to remember that most American and Canadian gadgets or appliances run on 115/120 volts. With the Remington EP7020, this will not be a problem, and you can enjoy a comfortable and delicate epilating session wherever you go.

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Areas You Can Use The EP7020

Unlike its predecessors, the Remington EP7020 can be used on practically any area of your body. As mentioned earlier, it features different caps for making sure any area of your skin is well taken care of.

You can use the epilator on your arms and legs, as well as your face. Moreover, sensitive skin regions, such as bikini lines and underarms can be managed without a problem, and the shaver attachment is quite sharp and accurate, so you can use it for hair on your chin or other delicate areas that would also make the hair removal process more difficult when using a standard epilator.

The only areas not suitable for the Remington EP7020 are those you really shouldn’t use an epilator on. They can include areas where you have a rash, an irritation or a mole, as well as those linked to any other skin disorders that you may want to ask your doctor about before tackling.

Is It Suitable for Use in the Bath or Shower?

Probably the only problem with the Remington EP7020 is the fact that it’s not waterproof. Although it features many other advantages, the epilator cannot be used underwater, so its use in the bath or shower should be strictly avoided. If you are looking for a waterproof epilator you would probably be better of going for the Remington 7030 or the Bruan silk epil 7 which is on our top 10 list.

Additionally, due to the fact that it has to be plugged in during use, it’s important to make sure no water reaches the cord, and that the gadget is turned off when you insert the cord to start it up.

Bottom Line

Despite a few minor shortcomings, this epilator is definitely worth the relatively affordable price tag it comes with. You can use the Remington EP7020 almost in any situation and anywhere you go, and the device will provide you with a far more elegant, straightforward and comfortable way to shave off unwanted hair from practically anywhere on your body.

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