See The Top 3 Beard Trimmers with Vacuums

The benefits of using a vacuum beard trimmer with a vacuum system that catches all those tiny hairs you trim off your beard can be manifold. Not only will it keep your bathroom tidy, but it will give you a sense of cleanliness, and help you avoid stray hairs ending up on your shirt or anywhere else you don't want them.

Finding these practical devices is not easy though, and you have to know a few specifics, including having at least a basic understanding of how vacuum beard trimmers work.

What's most important, however, is to find accurate and honest descriptions that reflect the true value of a vacuum trimmer. For example, anyone who tells you their trimmer is able to vacuum up all the trimmed hairs is not being entirely honest. Beard trimmers with a vacuum system mostly suck up about 80% of them, and the key is to find one that can get as close as possible to that value.

What Else To Look Out For?

Other significant aspects to look at include battery charge (including both the time required for the batteries to charge to full and how much time the batteries last), the design of the vacuum mechanism and the strength and durability of the blades.

Following are three of the best vacuum trimmer models currently available on the market.

Philips QT4090/32 Black Pro Stubble Trimmer

The QT4090 is one of Phillips' prized products, as well as one of the best vacuum beard trimmers ever designed. Featuring high precision length adjustment features with a scale between 0.5 and 18 mm and highly durable blades that will make you feel like you can power through even the toughest hairs, the Phillips has got it where it counts, and will do much of the job with great ease.

The blades require no maintenance whatsoever, and the vacuum mechanism uses a powerful fan and is completely integrated within the device to provide for a more compact and portable design. Also, the trimmer features a strong lithium ion battery that will never let you down when you most need it, allowing for up to 90 minutes of use.

A great thing about this trimmer is that you can confidently use it, even if you have a longer beard, and you want to cut off slightly longer hairs. It will still be able to vacuum them, and its unique turbo feature, while siphoning off more of its battery power as well, will do the trick in cutting and capturing coarse hair without a problem.

Remington MB6550 Vacuum Beard and Grooming Kit

Remington has produced many high quality products throughout the years, and the MB6550 vacuum grooming kit can definitely be considered as one of them. This strong trimmer equipped with titanium coated blades that can conveniently be used for up to 60 minutes without requiring to be charged (lithium ion technology at its best) comes with a balanced design that will make it feel quite natural as you use it.

A few handy unique features are included in the package that have made the Remington product quite popular with its users – especially since it's the cheapest vacuum beard trimmer on our list. These features include an easy to empty pop-out vacuum chamber, no less than four different trimmer combs – including an adjustable one to be used for varying lengths – and the gadget's anti-slip finish on the sides, making it very easy to hold and maneuver.

Remington has spared no expenses in designing the MB6550, and this shows in the many positive reviews that the product has received, being considered as a top choice by numerous buyers, due mainly to its versatility and cost-effectiveness.

Philips QT4050 Turbovac Rechargeable Vacuum Beard Trimmer

With a precision size of down to 1mm, the QT4050 Turbovac vacuum trimmer from Phillips makes it possible for you to select your ideal trimming length with remarkable ease and precision. This reasonably priced trimmer is also fitted with highly resilient blades that don't have to be oiled or sharpened, and it is capable of running for up to 50 minutes when it's fully charged.

The special highlight of this Phillips trimmer is definitely its integrated vacuum system. Whether you need it to absorb longer or shorter hairs, it will do its job without complaints, and the transparent chamber where it stores the hairs is easy to monitor, so you can empty it as soon as needed.

Another handy and quite unique feature of the beard trimmer is its flexible guide comb, designed to make your experience as easy as possible. The comb follows your face's curves and texture, so it will accurately guide the trimmer to cut exactly the right amount, leaving no hair out of line in the process, and ensuring that the hairs are cut evenly, no matter which direction they grow.

Although finding the best vacuum trimmer is not always an easy task, you will find that going with any of these gadgets will help you get a much cleaner and more satisfying trim than ever before.